Short Stays

Void fill

Eliminate voids by occupying vacant units with high-yielding flexible rentals and corporate guests.

Transform vacant units into new revenue opportunities.

Make more from your assets

Agility in asset management starts with having as many tools as possible at your disposal. This gives you optionality, enabling you to choose the right tool for your strategy at any moment in time.

Our Void Fill solution enables you to efficiently monetise vacant units as they appear across your portfolio with high-yielding short and mid-term tenants.

Proactive and reactive management

Lavanda enables you to proactively and programmatically market units as flexible accommodations well in advance of a resident leaving to ensure minimal redundancy, as well as reactively monetising empty units at the touch of a button.

Additionally, you have the choice of being able to operate these units in-house or instead outsource some or all of the short-term rental operations to Lavanda. Our team of experts are ready to advise you on what solutions are available, as well as how each option will benefit your bottom line.

Features & benefits

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