Support Policy

Last updated 26 April 2021

Updates, Patches and Feature Enhancements

Lavanda will, from time to time, release updates to the Lavanda PMS for a variety of reasons. This might include security patches, bug fixes, feature updates and rollout of new features and capabilities. All updates and patches are provided free of charge to customers unless explicitly delivered as an optional new paid feature or enhancement. 

Standard Support Arrangements

The Lavanda team will make ‘reasonable endeavours’ to respond to all support requests on the same business day. Our team will be available to provide technical support and guidance to you and members of your organisation during normal business hours. Typically, support is delivered in-app via the live chat interface (intercom). Email and phone support is also available, however, please note that our diagnostic capabilities in-app are considerably greater and the speed of support therefore is likely to be faster. 

Live chat support will be available between the hours of 8am and 8pm UTC Monday to Friday. When live support agents are unavailable you can still access help and advice via the Lavanda PMS Help Center or via the chat bot in the Lavanda PMS, which will endeavour to guide your users to the correct answer via natural language processing of the content of your questions. Should this fail to resolve your question you can leave a message via the chat interface and we will reply to you as quickly as possible on the next business day. 

Enterprise Support Arrangements

Customers on our Enterprise Support Plan may have more extensive support arrangements such as extended hours or out-of-hours human support and custom SLAs. The extent of these arrangements and their associated costs are negotiated on a case by case basis and as a part of a fixed or minimum term contract.

Defect Priority Schema

Priority 1

Downtime or critical failures, likely to lead to lost revenue for customers or for Lavanda, or significant reputational damage like failures of payment processing, failures of availability or listings updates, pricing updates. The defect will be addressed and fixed immediately. Other work will be put on hold to allow complete focus on the issue.

Priority 2

Failures of important time-sensitive functions of the app, like guest messages receipt and delivery, notification failures. The defect will be addressed and reasonable endeavours will be made to fix it on the same business day.

Priority 3

Oversight, error or minor defect of functionality that can be worked around straightforwardly. The defect will be prioritised at a Monday morning prioritisation discussion and programmed into the backlog.

Priority 4

The defect does not affect functionality or data. It does not even need a workaround. It does not impact productivity or efficiency. It is merely an inconvenience. Example: Layout discrepancies, spelling/grammatical errors. The defect will be resolved during the next iteration of the feature or view.