2020: a year to be grateful

Dec 23, 2020

To say that 2020 has been a tough year is something of an understatement. It’s continued to throw curveball after curveball, challenging both individuals and businesses in a way that was almost unimaginable only twelve months ago.

As global lockdowns and travel restrictions turned the travel industry completely upside down, like all businesses in our sector we’ve been forced to adapt. This has meant taking hard decisions, moving fast and saying goodbye to some very cherished members of our team. In parallel with this, many of our colleagues have also faced their own personal struggles away from work; from coping with isolation to dealing with poor family health. 

To help our team draw a line under a tough year, and with the holidays approaching, it felt important for us to make sure that we were all able to look back on 2020 in a different light. To try and see it not just as a year of hardship and suffering, but a year to be thankful for - even if only in a very small way.  So we dedicated our final weekly team meeting of the year to giving every member of the company the opportunity to share just one thing that they were grateful for over the last 12 months

It may not sound like much, but what resulted blew everyone away. This simple exercise managed to create an incredibly important space for people to be vulnerable and openly share some very personal thoughts and emotions. Not only was it energising and inspiring to feel the sense of warmth and gratitude from every single person at Lavanda but, coming out of the meeting, it was very clear that we’ve somehow created a very special culture that permits such openness, trust and respect. 

As a final exercise, we summarised the output of our “sharing experience” in a graphic. May it help others look back on 2020 more fondly, and seek out the moments of warmth and happiness.

From all of us at Lavanda, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. Here’s to a bright 2021!