Track problems. Manage resolutions. Control costs.

Tickets, tasks and charges - the trio that makes problem management and cost attribution a breeze. Lavanda PMS brings it all together into a simple, integrated solution.

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Manage resolutions.
Control costs.

Workforce coordination just got a whole lot easier.

Problems emerge from time to time in every property portfolio. Lavanda PMS has fully integrated tools and workflows to help your teams cope.

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Track problems with tickets

Lavanda PMS comes with an integrated ticket system. Tickets can be used for any kind of problem, issue or note requiring action. Lightbulbs need replacing in a property? Create a ticket. Central heating not working? Raise a ticket. Each ticket has a conversation thread, media attachments, assigned team & individual and all updates are automatically notified to anyone who needs to know

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Attach photos and video

Enrich tickets and tasks with photos, video, invoices, quotes and any other kind of file.

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Never lose the thread

Conversation and change history is recorded for every ticket and task, so anyone on the team can pick up the conversation.

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Raising maintenance charges, purchase orders, credits, refunds and whatever else you need is a snap. Every cost can be fully attributed and auditable right back to its initial ticket, so you always know exactly how much and who to charge.