Luis - My first month at Lavanda as a software engineer

Mar 22, 2022

First Month At Lavanda

Hi! I'm Luis and, in this post, I'm going to talk about my first month at Lavanda. I have been working as a software developer for two years and a half now, mainly writing Ruby on Rails applications.


My first job experience was in an insurtech startup, where I discovered Ruby and my passion for it. There, I learned a lot about coding conventions and good practices. A year later, I was approached by a big tech recruiter, who offered me a remote position, which gave me the possibility to move closer to my family and friends, so I took the chance. I have to acknowledge that this experience was not as I expected. I ended up in a team without a product on active development and where coding conventions or scalability were not a priority.

Time For A Change

So here I am, a two-year experienced software engineer seeking another opportunity to find a place where I could grow and enjoy my job. During that time, I was reached by a few recruiters, but one told me everything I wanted to hear. A cool tech startup with a remote position wanted me to apply and participate in the interview process.

During the process, I realized how much I wanted to join that company. They gave me an overview of the product and the tech stack, where I understood how much they care about using cutting-edge technologies and creating an environment where programmers can enjoy their work while creating value. Based on the questions they asked, I could tell what they expected from me and I had the feeling that it was going to be a good fit. In the end, I received the news. I passed the interviews!

Above Expectations

A month later, it was my first day in the company and I was nervous. Will it reach my expectations? I asked myself during that time.

During my first day, I started pairing with Shirley. She helped me during the setup of the projects in order to make sure I did not face any blocking issue. I also joined some introductory calls to give me an overview of our products, projects and software architecture.

Once I completed the setup, I started pairing with Victor and, to my surprise, within the first day I was already creating pull requests and deploying to production! I have to say, that smooth onboarding experience went high above my expectations.

A Promising Future

After this nice onboarding, I've been working with the team to develop new features and gain knowledge about our code and products. I still have a lot to learn and I feel like Lavanda is an awesome place to grow as a software engineer.

We’re increasing the team size, so it is the perfect time to join us on this amazing trip. If you are interested, please check out our open positions in this link and apply for the one that suits you best.