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Dec 03, 2020

Leverage analytics data insights to supercharge direct bookings

Have you ever wondered how many guests are visiting your direct booking site? Which marketing channels and campaigns are working for you? What times of year see increased engagement and website visits? What properties are your website visitors interested in? Which search terms do they use and what pages do they visit as they work their way though your sales funnel? 

These are important questions and the answers will help you understand how and who to target to inspire direct bookings across your property portfolio. If you don’t have easy access to insightful actionable reporting that answers these questions you are probably marketing inefficiently, and failing to influence your guest demand side in a meaningful way. You are probably also overly reliant on OTAs to plug the gap, which means you’re sacrificing margin and control of the end-to-end guest experience.

How to supercharge your guests’ direct booking experience

Start at the top of the funnel

Growing a database of loyal, repeat bookers is an essential ingredient for building thriving direct booking demand. But how do you get the right traffic (traffic that converts) into your booking funnel and how do you keep it coming back? Targeted email campaigns, Adwords, Facebook advertising are all options to consider, but spending on any of these activities without knowing what’s working is inefficient and can be a costly mistake.

Your direct booking site needs to know which marketing campaigns are generating your conversions, whether it is email, press, Facebook ads or any other form of advertising. For that you need UTM parameters in your marketing campaigns. If you have ever done any digital marketing you have probably encountered these before. If not read here for a useful overview. Just using UTM parameters alone won’t solve the problem. Your landing pages and direct booking site needs to know what to do with them. 

Find out how Lavanda direct booking sites interpret and handle UTM parameters automatically.

Surface your visitor data

Your direct booking site should be deeply integrated with Google Analytics or some other analytics platform that can help you get meaningful insight into your user behavior, geography, demography and conversion. 

See how you can easily set this up in Lavanda PMS. We have done all the hard work for you, so all you need is to add your tracking ID from GA and watch the magic unfold.

Optimize your marketing campaigns

Once you are tracking conversions you can start to optimize your guest acquisition efforts and drive down acquisition costs by abandoning inefficient marketing channels and focussing on what is working the best. Your user insights can also help you understand your market better, and guide decisions around e.g. which languages to translate your site into and what times of year to ramp up marketing spend. 

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