Lavanda at The Short Stay Show

April 15, 2020

The Lavanda team exhibited at this years Short Stay Show at ExCeL London - an event that celebrates short-term rental businesses.

Fred Lerche-Lerchenburg (CEO, Lavanda), Matthew Ede (Sales and Marketing Director, Greystar), Marcus Angell (Managing Director, SilverDoor Apartments). 

What is The Short Stay Show?

The Short-Stay Show is an annual event held in London. It is designed for entrepreneurs, technologists, property specialists, innovators and companies looking for inspiration and opportunity.

What Happens on the Day?

Lavanda were amongst the 100+ exhibitors there on the day. Within the venue, there were 5 stages, hosting over 100 speakers - ranging from founders of short-term rental businesses, to experienced marketeers. With 2,000 registered visitors, it was a valuable day, full of networking and knowledge sharing.

Lavanda’s Presence at The Short Stay Show

Lavanda’s exhibitor stand was located at the front of the venue. Our team took the day to catch up with our property manager clients and partners. We also had the pleasure of meeting a wealth of new property managers and professionals in the field.

Over at the Premium Access Stage, Fred Lerche-Lerchenburg, Lavanda’s CEO, led the panel ‘when property, hospitality and travel collide’, alongside Matthew Ede from Greystar and Marcus Angell from SilverDoor Apartments. 

The three discussed the sweet spot between the three giants of property, hospitality and travel and to stay ahead of the game, it needs to serve all three in abundance. Thought-provoking points were raised about current and future demands these sectors place on our fledgling industry, and the potentially huge impact that COVID-19 may have.

The Impact of COVID-19 

Despite the event still going ahead as scheduled, it was clear that all exhibitors and guests were taking extra precautions to stay safe throughout the day. The venue, ExCeL had prepared hand sanitiser stations at the entrance, and amongst the crowd there were handshakes being exchanged for elbow bumps.

As the day went on, it was clear what the main topic of discussion was: How will COVID-19 affect my business? As the organisers picked up on this talking point, they decided to announce a last minute stage session with industry experts, discussing the projected impact of the coronavirus. The talk gathered the attraction of many attendees, and understandably - as it is the biggest impact on the industry to date.

Although there were fewer attendees than the event had originally anticipated due to the impact of COVID-19, there was an overall positive atmosphere throughout the day. It was undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity to connect with short-term rental professionals, particularly during a new complex time for the industry.

About Lavanda

Lavanda is a next generation property management system (PMS) for urban and rural short-term rental operators. Our SaaS platform is designed to unlock scale and profitability, whilst accelerating growth through industry partnerships. We 're backed by leading venture capital investors, and have so far invested $10m+ into short-term rental technology and innovation.

Our award-winning technology is different because it has been honed through our first-hand experience of managing a short-term rental portfolio at scale. Operational efficiency is what we strive for, so we set about creating the missing toolkit. We 're here to change your game.